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Wildcat Advanced Land Clearing Cost Estimate Guidelines for NC / SC

When you research the internet for land or tree clearing cost, you will find the cost varies considerably. Some main reasons for the cost variation are listed below.

Common variables that affect cost and amount of land cleared in a day include

  • Number of trees or brush in a square yard to be cleared.
  • The overall size of trees (height, diameter and canopy).
  • Tree Species, Hardwood vs Pine (vary in hardness).
  • Terrain factors such as hills, dips, rocky terrain or wetlands.
  • Rocks can damage equipment and are to be avoided.
  •  How fine you would like the trees mulched up.
  • The number of trees we need to go around if selective clearing is required. Type and amount of equipment being used for the job.
  • Onsite mulching is much quicker and cleaner than traditional uprooting, piling, burning and or hauling off material for disposal which creates mass disruption of top soil and lay of the land.
  • Clearing trees and underbrush with Wildcat Advanced Land Clearing’s onsite mulching process can produce a minimum of 1 acre per day up to a maximum of 4 acres per day depending on the variables listed above. Keep in mind that it is possible to encounter a variety or all of the variables listed above on one property site.

NOTE: In ideal conditions, such as flat ground with light to moderate underbrush, trees 3-4 inches in diameter and spaced 3-4 trees per square yard, it is possible to clear multiple acres a day.