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Revolutionary, Eco-friendly land clearing with an ultra-low impact to the natural lay of the land.

Responsible Land Clearing and Tree Removal

When you need land cleared in a responsible, Eco-friendly manner, hire the reliable team at Wildcat Advanced Land Clearing. We are ready to handle any size job while providing an environmentally responsible service to ensure the land heals and replenishes properly. We use revolutionary advanced machinery to reduce the material on the spot providing a smooth mulch layer to control water runoff, soil erosion and to replenish the soil naturally. Our process is very different from the traditional large, heavy equipment clearing that harshly disrupts and strips the topsoil of its natural resources, opening the land to uncontrolled water runoff, soil erosion and a very slow healing process.

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Each project begins with a comprehensive on-site assessment and planning strategy. Our compact equipment and one-step process allows us to keep your property tidy and visually appealing throughout the entire process. Our gallery features examples of types of clearing as well as some of the equipment attachments used for various situations. 

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We provide a free on-site consultation for a thorough understanding of your clearing needs. Wildcat Advanced Land Clearing prides itself on excellent customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Long-term contract work is welcome and encouraged.

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