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First class land clearing for any property

Located in Boiling Springs, SC and Jefferson NC, we serve a wide range of customers  with a variety of clearing needs.  Some examples of customers that benefit from our services but is not limited to the following.....

Municipalities - Utility Companies - Billboard/outdoor advertising Companies - Christmas Tree Farms - Timber Land Owners - Private Individuals - Fire and Rescue - Real Estate developers - Ranchers - Solar Panel farms - DOT and much more...

Examples of areas cleared

Overhead Utility Lines - underground pipe Lines - Mountain View Enhancements- Survey Lines for Wooded Properties - Fire Breaks - Billboards / Signage - New Construction Sites - Old Christmas Tree Fields -  Thinning of Timber stand - Storm Clean Up - Walking/Hiking Trails -  Reclaim Overgrown/abandoned development properties - Clean Up After Timber Harvesting - Overgrown Fence Line - Brush mowing and so much more

Land Clearing & Tree Removal Process

We use powerful technologically advanced equipment to efficiently and quickly provide customers a wonderful land clearing experience. Our environmentally friendly process also provides instant soil stability with a natural mulch barrier minimizing soil erosion and water runoff. When you hire us there is no hauling, burning, debris piles or massive soil disturbances. Wildcat Advanced Land Clearing is serious about protecting the environment and air quality. That is precisely why our process uses the highest emissions rated diesel powered machine, does not require debris burning and provides instant stability to the top soil.

Our equipment is a compact low ground pressure rubber tracked machine leaving no deep heavily compacted tracks in the soil to deal with after clearing is complete. This also allows our machine to easily traverse asphalt without damaging it. In addition, our cutting-edge clearing process results in minimal soil disturbance, allowing the land to heal quickly so you can utilize the full potential of your property right away.